Renovating any room in your home is always a big task, but when it comes to bathrooms, it’s fair to say that the task can often be even harder.

There are things like important plumbing that need to be considered when planning on moving things around and you might have to consider major changes like swapping out a bath for a walk-in shower. More than any other room in the house, the bathroom is probably the one that varies in size most dramatically.

Here at Designer Built Bathrooms, we are particularly interested in helping out those of you who have a very small space with which to contend. We firmly believe that you can still have a great looking bathroom even in the tiniest of areas! Here are some of the best ideas for small space bathroom renovations in Newcastle.

Corner Sink

Installing a corner sink can help to save a lot of room in a smaller bathroom. Having your sink in the corner frees up a lot of vital ‘traffic’ space in the middle of the bathroom, especially if the room is more of an oblong shape rather than a proper square.

Floating Shelves

If your walls permit them, floating shelves are a great idea for saving space. Floating shelves provide you with a good amount of storage, with the added positive of not taking up vital floor space underneath.

Shower Curtain

Rather than having a shower door that can take up a lot of room in and around the shower area, use a simple curtain instead. When the shower is not in use, this curtain can be pulled right back to open up the room to a lot more space than a solid door would allow.

Large Mirrors

Install the largest possible bathroom mirror than you can find, because a mirror always gives the optical illusion effect of creating more space around you. At a quick glance, a small bathroom with a large mirror can look up to double its original size. An easy and attractive solution to the problem!


So, if you are in the process of starting a plan for bathroom renovations in Newcastle, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have absolutely everything that you would want in a high-quality service, and a member of the trained and experienced team will always be on hand to answer any questions that you might have and to provide a fair and reasonable quote.

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