In short, yes, they do. However, simply changing some things in your bathroom won’t necessarily bring the value up to the degree that you might think. Whether you just want an updated look for your own personal preferences or you plan to sell your house sometime soon, the experts here at Designer Built Bathrooms can help with bathroom renovations across Newcastle. Done correctly, renovating your bathrooms can add dramatic value to your property. Learn how to make sure you do it right.

Don’t Go with the Cheapest

Even if you’re only renovating your bathroom so you can sell your home, it never pays to go with the cheapest materials on the market. This will show to potential buyers and may not last as long as you’d like if you plan to keep living in your home. Before you get started, create a budget so you know what you’re comfortable spending, then choose based on that.
renovated bathroom in newcastle

Don’t Choose Expensive Either

Unless you can truly afford the most top of the line materials, it doesn’t make sense to break the bank. A bathroom renovation is only going to add so much value to your home so weigh the added value with the cost of the renovation. The idea is to make money, not lose money so don’t go crazy buying the highest cost materials for your bathroom. We offer a wide variety of beautiful and quality materials at many price points so you can find just what you want and need.

Pay Attention to What Improves Value

There are some aspects of your bathroom remodel that will add value to a higher degree than others. Think about what you’d be willing to change if you were the buyer. Chances are swapping out cabinet hardware or faucets is something you’d be happy to change on your own because it doesn’t cost too much. On the other hand, the vanity, flooring and tub or shower can be more costly so focus on those items if your goal is to raise your home value with your bathroom remodel.

Get Some Help

Unless you’re highly experienced, it’s better to hire some help than to do all the work yourself. If your main goal is to increase your home’s value, let the pros do the work. Often, DIY jobs prove to be just that to someone who knows what to look for. Letting us handle it means a quality and professional look.

Get ready to raise your home’s value when you call Designer Built Bathrooms for your renovation quote.