Bathroom Renovations, Remodels & Repairs

We work with your vision and budget to create a fresh, practical and stylish bathroom. We’ve completed over 320 bathroom renovations and remodels in Newcastle and surroundings, from complete budget makeovers to high end custom designs. Share your vision with us and let’s create your dream bathroom!

Designer Built Bathrooms work with licensed and professional tradesmen to ensure your bathroom project is finished on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

With home renovation projects, it might be fair to say that a bathroom remodel can be one of the most intensive and challenging renovations. There is a lot of plumbing involved, there is specific lighting to consider, and there are also a lot of design features that you need to make sure you get absolutely correct. 

Here at Designer Built Bathrooms, we are experts in everything related to a bathroom remodel, and we want our customers to have all the information before making big decisions.

What does a bathroom remodel include?

In general, remodelling a bathroom tends to mean ripping up the original blueprints and moving both the integral fixtures and things like storage around to create a brand new look. It goes from new showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets to more aesthetic changes like colour and flooring.

Benefits of Bathroom Remodels

Not only are you getting a room that will increase the value of your home, but you are also gaining a room that can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing and mood. There is nothing better than a relaxing bubble bath or soothing shower in a perfect new bathroom!

What To Expect

Quote and Discussion

Preparation is key, weather it’s a bathroom remodel or renovation. Here, we create your custom bathroom concept, ensuring it’s elegant, practical and suited to your needs. We’re happy to join you at the plumbing or bathroom store of your choice in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or surroundings, to decide on the right fixtures for your bathroom.

Quote and Discussion
Preparation & Fitout

The first week is preparing your bathroom for tiling and fitout. Your bath/shower recess is installed. The tiling work begins, and the sky is the limit! Well, the ceiling. We can tile from the floor to the ceiling if that’s the look you’re wanting.

Preparation & Fitout
All tiling work is completed.

Vanity, toilet and accessories are installed and final touches are made. Then, you can enjoy your perfectly built bathroom!


That's it! Between two - three weeks is all we need for most bathrooms to be completely renovated or remodelled. Even less if it is very simple or an ensuite!

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Differences between renovation & remodelling

In general, a remodel will mostly refer to making simple aesthetic changes like furniture and colour schemes, whereas a renovation refers to changes in the actual structure and physical architecture of the bathroom.

Why should you remodel?

Out of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the one that can start to feel outdated that quickest. You can do wonders for your home’s overall value if you commit to remodelling the bathroom and keeping it as up to date as possible.

If you are interested in getting the ball rolling for your own bathroom remodel, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Feel free to call any of our trained and experienced team members here at Designer Built Bathrooms if you have specific questions about work or materials. Our team will be more than happy to give you the answers that you are looking for. We very much look forward to being able to assist you in the beginning of your bathroom remodel adventure!

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