Laundry Renovations, Repairs and Make-overs

Laundries need to be practical, though that doesn’t mean they can’t look good too. We will work with you, your space and your budget to complete a laundry renovation, repair or make-over to ensure the layout and design of your laundry suits your needs.

Whether you have a room, nook or a cupboard, we can help develop a laundry design that works for you.

If space isn’t your strong point, there are storage solutions to make your laundry work for you. For example, you can use the space wisely by mounting cabinets or shelves and your dryer. As well as being smart with space, it allows you to keep dangerous cleaning products away from children. If you can’t use the space above, you can use drawers and shelves under or next to your dryer and washing machine to create storage. You might also want to consider elements such as a fold out ironing board, a retractable clothesline or pullout hanging rack.

A key step in planning the layout of your laundry is to determine the location of your plumbing. You can move the position of the taps and waste outlet, depending on your budget and desired layout.

We work with you to plan and create your dream laundry, whether it’s designed to fit in a cupboard, or a spacious room.
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