You want your home to be as up-to-date with modern trends as possible, and this includes your bathroom. While the most extreme of trends can last for only a month or two, you can still include 2020 bathroom designs in your Newcastle property without making it look outdated. Find out how you can do this, with advice from Designer Built Bathrooms.

Enclosing your shower space

Naturally, when you take a shower you don’t want there to be a big mess everywhere, and so you need to enclose your shower space completely. While you might have been using shower curtains to perform this role, in 2020 there is a greater demand for walk-in showers. These include glass doors, and a lot of tiling around the shower enclosure.


The fashion for designing your home with the least possible content has spread from clothes and books to reducing the space taken up by the bathroom. Known as compact living, designers practice small-scale living, including the use of modular furniture for the bathroom. Nordic designs also feature strongly.

Statement pieces

If you wish to have limited content in your bathroom, then Designer Built Bathrooms can help you to discover designer pieces that you can plan your whole bathroom around. For example, you may want a freestanding bath to take centre stage, or have a feature wall or floor. Known as Dark Luxe, this design feature is likely to become more prevalent in the later months of the year.

Natural woods

Along with the Nordic elements of minimalism, designers are also going to be looking to these communities for wooden textures. Wooden panelling from floor to ceiling echoing Japanese traditions are a big focal point, particularly for an open bathroom design.

Brighter colours

While some designers are going for a moderate grey and black palette to match minimalist themes, or strong browns for wood-themed bathrooms, others are choosing to take those designs further, and to create colourful designs with clashing features and a focus upon the products used in the bathroom such as soaps and shampoos.

Learn more about modern design

If you want to find out more about modern bathroom designs for your Newcastle home, then feel free to reach out to Designer Built Bathrooms. We can keep you up to speed with the latest in fashion and design for your bathrooms, so fill in our message form or call us on 0403-694-771 today.