Top Tips for a Trending Bathroom Remodel in Newcastle

A bathroom remodel in Newcastle is exciting and you’re sure to love the finished product. However, it’s not a job you should just jump into. It’s best to spend a little bit of time getting ready and discovering what you want your bathroom to look like. That’s when it’s nice to have Designer Built Bathrooms on your side. We are the experts in remodelling bathrooms of all sizes and shapes. Here are our tips for getting a trendy look in your space. 

remodelled bathroom in newcastle

Pay Attention to the Big Stuff First

The details are important, but the big stuff needs to be functional in addition to looking the way you want it. That means the tub, shower and sinks need to be something you pay careful attention to. Right now, freestanding bathtubs and cisterns with wall hung pans are trending so they’re something to consider. Open spaces and lots of natural light is also a trendy choice for your new bathroom.

Easy Cleaning

Another thing that’s trending in today’s bathrooms are elements that look great but are also easy to clean. One of the biggest is tiles. Many people are opting for less tile in the shower area because small tiles and grout require a lot of time and effort to keep clean. Large tiles on the bathroom floor are still a trendy design element, but you might want to consider alternative materials for the walls, backsplash, and shower stall. 

Hide the Toilet

Most designers these days try to keep the toilet from being the focal point of a bathroom. That’s because the door to the space is often left open when it’s not in use, and the toilet can really detract from the spa vibe that’s so popular as a modern design element. This may be tougher to do in smaller bathrooms, but creating a focal point with a freestanding tub, a large mirror or something else can help keep the toilet from becoming front and centre.

Incorporate Vintage Finishes

Something that happens to be trending right now is vintage finishes in bathrooms. If you have an older home, they may already be there and all you’ll have to do is preserve them and give them a bit of restoration. If you don’t already have them, it’s easy to include them, using elements that give off a vintage vibe, including light fixtures and tiles.

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