Top Tips for a Trending Bathroom Remodel in Newcastle

Tiling is great for bathrooms because it updates the entire space and is easy to clean. You can tile floors, shower walls, and main walls. Designer Built Bathrooms is here to help your bathroom vision come true. Our experts are skilled at tiling bathrooms and doing many other renovation jobs for you. Before the tile goes in, however, there are some things you need to do to prep the space and be ready your job of tiling in Newcastle to begin. 

tiling newcastle tips

Prep the Area Beneath the Tile

Whether you’re installing floor tile, wall tile or shower tile, it’s necessary to get the area ready for the new tile. This involves removing old tile, stripping away old grout and adhesive and thoroughly cleaning the area so that it’s ready for the new tile to stick. If you’re working on the floor, be sure all nails, screws and other hardware are removed as well. If there’s any damage, be sure to have it repaired so the new tile can be properly installed. 

Choose Your Pattern

Once you’ve chosen your tile, you need to decide what pattern you want to use to renovate your bathroom. With solid coloured tiles that are all the same, you can choose to do a brick pattern, evenly lining up the tiles or something like herringbone or chevron to create visual interest. With patterned tiles, you will need to be sure that they match up as they are laid. Our experts are skilled in doing this and we can help you decide what pattern will flow best and look best in your new bathroom. We can also help you tile your laundry room for a cleaner look that’s easy to maintain. 

Decide Where to Start

You also need to be sure you have decided where you want the tile to start. It’s not a good idea to choose the middle of the room unless it’s square and the tiles are square too. Otherwise you’ll have strange edges that don’t blend with the design. Usually, you’ll want to start on the longest, straightest wall. We can help you figure out where to start to ensure that the tile looks its best and the pattern flows, whether it’s on the floors or the walls. 

If you decide you would prefer to have a professional to undertake the task rather than do it yourself, it’s time to call Designer Built Bathrooms to request a quote to achieve the best tiling in Newcastle.