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There are numerous variables to consider when planning bathroom renovations, not least of which relates to how stylish or fashionable your proposed design might be. Whilst many people favour a traditional, or timeless look to their bathroom, it’s the little touches that can make sure your bathroom is a contemporary feature, rather than having a dated look. As bathroom specialists in Newcastle, we make sure that we stay on top of what’s fresh and innovative in the world of bathroom styling. If you want a bathroom that adds quality to your living experience at the same time as adding value to your property’s price, we can create just what you’re looking for.

We work with you to create quality, luxurious, practical bathrooms you’ll love.

Exceptional quality, attention to detail, 7-year guarantee. Let’s create your dream ensuite!

Add luxury with tiling from the floor to ceilings, designed to blend seamlessly with the room.
Designed for practicality, crafted for elegant aesthetics with uncompromising quality.
Newcastle Bathroom Renovation

Luxury and Practicality

Working With You To Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams

We create bathroom concepts that incorporate both luxury and practicality, ensuring there are no compromises when it comes to form, function or quality.

We service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the lower Hunter Valley areas. When it’s time to decide on the right fixtures for your bathroom renovation, we’re happy to accompany you at the bathroom or plumbing shop of your choice!

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Let’s work together to create your dream bathroom!

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Our Renovation Process

  • We will visit your property in Newcastle or surrounding service areas and discuss different ideas with you regarding your bathroom design or renovation.
  • Measurements are taken as required so that we can provide a detailed quote and evaluation.
  • Once all measurements are taken, we require 5 working days to get a detailed quote back to you.
  • Once the quote is accepted, you will need to settle the deposit before commencing work.
  • Your bathroom design or renovation will take about 2 or 3 weeks to complete depending on size and complexity of the project.
  • We have a highly experienced team which has proudly completed over 300 bathroom renovations and bathroom remodels.
  • Design choices are only limited to imagination and the size of the room in question.
  • If possible we like to move away from putting the bathroom back in the same configuration, this depends on doors, windows etc.

Bathroom Renovations FAQs

The complete list of what’s needed obviously depends on the type of renovation that’s planned. As a rough guide, a standard renovation will usually include:

  • removal of the existing sanitary ware, tiling, and flooring;
  • any remedial work that’s required on underlying structures (for example re-plastering, or treatment of damp);
  • repositioning of drainage points if necessary;
  • completion of tiling;
  • installation of fresh sanitary ware;
  • re-connection of plumbing and finishing touches (such as resealing windows or altering lighting).

Obviously, some renovation projects won’t include all of these steps, whilst others may require extensive work in some areas.

On average, a customised bathroom design should take around 4-6 weeks to complete. This time allows for clients to give the renovator a good idea of the type of end look they’re aiming for, as well as the functional features they want to see in their bathroom. The bathroom designer can then put together a provisional design, based on their expertise and knowledge in the field, as well as factors such as proposed budget. The design can then be presented to the client, who has the opportunity to comment, suggest modifications of otherwise make it their own. The designer will then rework the design to accommodate the client’s comments and requirements. Several reworks may be needed before a final design is agreed on.

Provided the contractors are working on the job full-time, and no unexpected delays or issues come up, a bathroom renovation is likely to take around four weeks. If you are planning a bathroom refurbishment or remodel, it’s best to envisage a need for alternative hygiene arrangements for about a month. If you have a specific timescale you’re working to, the contractor may be able to complete the job more quickly.

Obviously, there are variations in longevity, depending on the level of use and the quality of the sanitary ware used in the initial installation. As a general rule, a bathroom is going to be in top condition for around five years after completing. Subsequently, some bits may start to show signs of wear and tear, or some minor repairs may be needed to keep it looking good and working well.

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